20th-Anniversary Giving

Celebrate our rewarding past by supporting future discoveries!

For two decades, we’ve cultivated a caring community of stewards, scientists and supporters. We’re proud to have you within our community and together, you have changed our world. The outdoor science education we provide is made possible by your involvement, and can continue with your support.

This year the coronavirus pandemic stopped our 20th anniversary celebration and now limits our success. Our annual fundraiser was cancelled. Our Beach Heroes never made it to the shoreline, and our Salmon Heroes may not witness a climactic journey this fall.

We vow to still demonstrate to every child we encounter that they too can be a scientist, can make a difference, and can help protect the woods and waterways that they love. Your donation can help us in this mission.

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Enjoy our videos to see the joy and inspiration natural discoveries bring to local children through local support.

You give because you care.

You care about your environment, your community and your world.

It’s been a long, fun journey and we couldn’t have done it without being in your caring community! We recognize that everyone connects with nature in their own way and that helping others connect further can provide transformations within their outlook, actions and relationships with others. You are part of these shifts. We appreciate how you’ve supported countless intimate connections within our programs for the past 20 years. We hope you help us expand our impact in the community for the next two decades!!!


Thanks to your support, we can continue providing classes, events and activities that help students, adults and families connect further with nature to appreciate and protect it. Whether you call the Pacific Northwest home or feel connected to its unique treasures, you’re strengthening its vitality through a community of caring.


OR become an ESC Member through monthly giving!