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Juan's sad summer  Flipping through pictures on Instagram, Juan’s hard work from 1st grade was slowly slipping away and his brain was turning to mush.  It was summer.  Where was his bike, his sandals covered in sand, the long days roaming the nearby trails?  Like so many children today, Juan’s summer lacks simulation from learning environments.  With no school and no resources for expensive summer camps, Juan’s education is jeopardized.


How can you help?  Summer science programs give students an opportunity to continue their education in a fun, non-traditional setting.  Imagine toddlers peering curiously into containers with worms, middle school students sloshing through streams to collect water samples, teens restoring nearby parks, and families walking along the beach together.

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Your gift today provides these enriching moments and encourages excitement and deeper understanding of the world around us.

Please join us and the Seattle Foundation to give more kids like Juan the best summer ever!  Your gift will be matched by the Seattle Foundation when you GiveBIG on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016.  If you give over $250, you can receive a signed copy of Georgette Valle’s brand new book Hi Diddle Diddle, Read a Bird Riddle.