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Our mission is to promote environmental stewardship and academic achievement through science-based education.

Seahurst Park Restoration

Learn more about the Seahurst Park Shoreline Ecosystem Restoration Project. Its the largest armor removal project in Puget Sound.

Salmon Recovery

Salmon are the best indicator of the our ecosystem's health. Learn more about why this Washington icon is so important and what steps are being taken to bring their population back.

Educating Our Youth

Hands-on field studies help students connect to nature promoting environmental stewardship.

Empowering the Next Generation

ESC empowers our young leaders to take action and create positive changes in how we impact the environment.

School Programs

We are aligning our curriculum with the Next Generation Science Standards in order to offer the best quality programming in schools.

Upcoming Community Events

Learn more about our upcoming community events.

Make a Donation

Learn more about making a donation to ESC.

Summer & Club Programs

Our after-school and summer programs help keep students engaged in learning. Students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them while exploring their role as a citizen and a scientist.

Beach Heroes

The Environmental Science Center created a Beach Heroes initiative in local school districts to further engage students in protecting our oceans from marine debris and plastic pollution.

Salmon Heroes

The Salmon Heroes and Water Heroes programs engage students from local school districts in adopting behaviors to protect, to conserve, and to educate others on salmon habitat and our watershed.

Salmon Recovery Efforts

Salmon are a vital indicator of the health of Puget Sound and a healthy watershed. Learn more about initiatives to increase the salmon population.

The Puget Sound Ecosystem

Learn more about the importance of protecting Puget Sound and our ecosystem.

Seahurst Park Restoration

Learn about the largest armor removal and beach restoration project in Puget Sound.
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