Beach Heroes

Beach Heroes

Beach Heroes is a three-hour program designed to introduce students to the local Puget Sound beach habitat and the organisms that live there. (Recommended for Grades K-3). We have plans to offer this program virtually during the spring of 2021. Please stay tuned for more details!

Season: March – June

Classroom Lesson & Field Study Investigation:

  • During the 1-hour classroom visit, students will be taught proper beach etiquette and stewardship while learning about adaptations of the marine invertebrates residing in Puget Sound.  In this NGSS-correlated lesson, students will create field guides they will use during the 2-hour field study.
  • The 2-hour field study features both naturalist-led beach exploration and structured activities.  Students will learn all about the largest nearshore restoration project in Puget Sound at Seahurst Beach!

students at forage fish station

Advanced Beach Heroes option: Some 3rd grade classes might be able to participate in a special Advanced Beach Heroes option. These students will receive an extra classroom lesson to learn sampling techniques. Then, during their 2-hour field study, they will participate in a community science project measuring, counting, and drawing marine invertebrates at the beach. For more information about this option, please contact Programs Manager:

Location: Classroom visits are held at your school and will take place prior to your field study. Field Studies are located at Seahurst Beach in Burien.               

Busing: You need to arrange and pay for transportation for this field trip.  Registering multiple classes within a grade level is strongly encouraged.  There is an opportunity for bus reimbursement for schools with a high free/reduced lunch rate.  Please contact Programs Manager: for more information regarding bus reimbursements.

Cost:  If your school has more than 45% of students who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals (FRPM), you are eligible for a free or highly subsidized field trip (including bus reimbursements). Please contact Program Manager for more information regarding program fee subsidies. For schools with less than 45% students qualifying for FRPM, the cost is $150 per class of 30 students.  This includes the 1-hour classroom visit and the 2-hour field study at Seahurst Beach.

Billing: An invoice will be sent to you when your registration and scheduling process is complete.

Chaperones: During the field study, you will need to provide 4 chaperones for each class.

To book Beach Heroes: Online registration will begin in January 2021! If you would like to get on our waiting list, please contact Programs Manager:

After participating in ESC’s Beach Heroes program, students pledged to adopt three behaviors to protect, to conserve, and to educate others about our oceans and marine debris.  To honor these students’ commitment to environmental stewardship, they received an Official Beach Hero identification card.

Past Beach Heroes can be found here!

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