Salmon Heroes

Salmon Heroes

The Salmon Heroes Program includes a 1-hour classroom lesson, a 3-hour guided field study investigation, and a 1-hour post-field study classroom lesson.  (Recommended for Grades 4-12).


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Registration:  Cedar River and Cove field trips are full for 2018

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Salmon Dissection Group

Classroom Lessons & Field Study Investigation:  During the 1-hour classroom lesson, students will engage in hands-on, NGSS-correlated activities that explore the habitat needs of salmon – as well as the challenges to survival that salmon face – during each stage of the salmon life cycle.  During the 3-hour field study, students review the salmon life cycle, learn external and internal anatomy, collect water quality data, learn about the changes that the local community made to their behaviors in order to make the park a better habitat for salmon, and  play a large-group game that mimics the challenges salmon face in making it back to their spawning grounds.  During the post-visit, students analyze the water quality data they collected in the field and compare it to previous year’s data, and to data collected from a different local creek. Students will then evaluate different actions that people can take in order to lessen their impact on salmon population health.

Location: Classroom visits are held at your school.  One visit will be scheduled for before DSCN1783your field study; one classroom visit will be scheduled for after your field study.  Field Studies are located at the Normandy Park Cove (Highline Schools) and the Renton Community Center (Renton, Kent, and Tukwila schools)               

Busing: You need to arrange and pay for transportation for this field trip.  Registering multiple classes within a grade level is strongly encouraged.  There is an opportunity for bus reimbursement for schools that have a 50% or greater free/reduced lunch rate.  Please contact Programs Manager Joanna Stodden for more information regarding bus reimbursements.

Internal AnatomyCost:  $350 per class of 30 students.  This includes the 1-hour classroom visit, the 3-hour field study, and the 1-hour post-field study classroom visit.  If your school has 50% or greater free/reduced lunch rate, you will pay a reduced program fee of $70 per class of 30 students.  If your school as 80% or greater free/reduced lunch rate, your program fees will be waived and receive a bus reimbursement.  Please contact Programs Manager Joanna Stodden for more information regarding program fee subsidies.

Billing: An invoice will be sent to you when your registration and scheduling process is program photo 4complete.

Chaperones: During the field study, you will need to provide 4 chaperones for each class.

To book Salmon Heroes: Please fill out the entire registration form.  Feel free to email any questions to Programs Manager Joanna Stodden:


Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation upon receipt of your registration, and further instruction about your program details via email.

After participating in ESC’s Salmon Heroes 2016 program, students pledged to adopt three behaviors to protect, to conserve, and to educate others about the importance of clean watersheds to sustain healthy salmon. To honor these students’ commitment to environmental stewardship, they received an Official Salmon Hero identification card.