Looking for something meaningful to do?

Our organization has grown within South King County, and we are looking to strengthen and expand our services in dynamic ways. We welcome all those interested in engaging and fostering community participation in environmental stewardship. Below are some ways to help out.

If you are 18 years or older, please fill out our Volunteer Application FormWe will review your application and our areas of need to see if we can help each other. You’ll be contacted by our Community Engagement Manager to further discuss current options and future pathways.

If you are under 18 years old, please contact us to mail you an application for you and your caretaker to sign, or print and fill out the downloadable youth form. You can email back your pages (phone photos are fine) with “ESC youth volunteer” in the subject line to Outreach@EnvironmentalScienceCenter.org. Call 206-248-4266 with any questions.

Volunteer time is valuable when it happens and equally important when recorded. We use your self-reported hours to evaluate our programs and future needs, and to demonstrate the unique roles community members play in caring for other people and natural systems. We will email quarterly hour requests, but they can be entered independently anytime with the three methods below:

If you email quarterly hours, please include your total hours toward each activity/event as in the example:

Name: Kharli Rose
Date(s): Jan-March 2020
Outreach and Communications: 2 hrs
Bird Fest: 4 hrs
Gala: 12 hrs
Board meetings: 6 hrs

You are an ESC ambassador. This means that any time you spend talking about our programs, your involvement, or sharing posts online, counts as volunteer time, as does your travel time to and from any volunteer activity or event, or to gather supplies for one. Please keep this in mind as you calculate your hours. We appreciate all of the time and passion you give!


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