Salmon Recovery

Salmon Recovery

The numbers of salmon in our waters has been on the decline.  It is directly related to the health of our Puget Sound.

Why put so much energy into salmon recovery?

By focusing on salmon, we have the highest probability of protecting coastal ecosystems.

Juvenile salmon use the entire river ecosystem and are extremely sensitive to changes in water quality, river flow, and temperature. They feed on freshwater invertebrates that are also indicators of water quality.

Generally, the more pristine, diverse and productive the freshwater ecosystem is, the healthier the salmon stocks. Declines in the capacity of a watershed to grow juvenile salmonids can indicate declining ecosystem health. – Wild Salmon Center

ESC partners with the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9)

The Environmental Science Center works with WRIA 9 and other partner agencies to increase awareness of the importance of salmon restoration and their relation to the ecosystem.  We are working to foster environmental stewards to join us in these efforts.

In this watershed, citizens, scientists, businesses, conservation groups, and governments are working together to respond to the decline of salmon and the lands and waters on which the fish depend. In 2005, the partners completed a science-based Salmon Habitat Plan. Carrying out the plan recommendations will protect and restore a healthy watershed ecosystem for both people and fish. Watershed salmon habitat recovery is part of the work of the Puget Sound Partnership. Funding for coordination of salmon habitat recovery is provided by 17 local governmentsin the watershed.

For an overview of the watershed and why WRIA 9 and its partners are addressing salmon habitat on a watershed basis, view the watershed introduction page.

Want to learn more about efforts to increase the salmon population?

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