Salmon Heroes Resources

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Salmon Heroes Resource Page!

We’ve included links for everything you need for your Salmon Heroes Virtual Experience. If you have any questions about the materials, please contact our Programs Coordinator:


Salmon Heroes Field Journal: 

Printed copies of these student booklets along with salmon viewing glasses are available for each student registered for Salmon Heroes. Please contact Rosie at to arrange drop-offs for your school. Electronic copies of the field journals are also available to be downloaded as PDFs below. Upon request we can also provide a Google Slides version of the Field Journal.

Salmon Heroes student booklet 2020 (in English)

Salmon Heroes student booklet 2020 – (en español)



Salmon Heroes Videos

The Virtual Salmon Heroes program is divided into three parts, which correspond to what in the past were 1) the Pre-Field Trip Classroom Lesson, 2) the Field Trip, and 3) the Post-Field Classroom Lesson. Don’t forget to have your students take the Salmon Heroes Pre-Assessment before showing any videos!

Part 1: Introductory Lesson Videos: These are the introductory Habitat and Salmon Life Cycle Lessons. Each of our ESC Naturalists have recorded themselves doing the lesson. This allows you to select and view the naturalist for this first lesson that your students will be following during the live field component lessons, if applicable. Each video is 42-62 minutes long.

Habitat and Life Cycle with Naturalist Kat (43:38 minutes)

Habitat and Life Cycle with Naturalist Carolina (42:34 minutes)

Hábitat y Ciclo de Vida con Naturalista Carolina (en español) (50:14 minutos)

Habitat and Life Cycle with Naturalist Valé (60:52 minutes)

Habitat and Life Cycle with Naturalist Jackie (62:35 minutes)

Introductory Lesson Series with Naturalist Alyssa – the same content divided into a series of short videos

You can also use the link below to access a numbered graphic that will guide your students through the video series above.

Salmon Heroes – Introductory Lesson Graphic


Part 2: Field Lesson Videos

Water Quality and Stream Survey: These videos include our water quality testing and stream survey analysis. If you have chosen to do a “live” field trip, you do not need to watch these videos with your students. These are separated by our different field sites. Each video is about 60 minutes long.

Cedar River in Renton

Seahurst Park in Burien

Miller/Walker Creeks in Normandy Park

Olson Creek in Auburn (Mary Olson Farm) – a series of three videos

Des Moines Creek in Des Moines – a series of three videos

Soos Creek in Kent – a series of six videos 

Duwamish River in Seattle

Mill Creek in Mill Creek Earthworks Park in Kent

Other Field Lesson Activities: These videos include components that are normally covered during our 3-hour field study. Because we are limited by time during our “live” field trips, we will only be showing pre-recorded videos of these activities. The videos vary in length, and are between 10 and 25 minutes long.

Salmon Anatomy – Model & Dissection (Detailed for Secondary Students) (23:42 minutes)

Salmon Anatomy – Model

Salmon Anatomy – Dissection

Five Species of Salmon

Salmon Scientific Illustration

Macroinvertebrate Sampling






Part 3: Synthesis Videos: These videos are the conclusion to our Salmon Heroes Program. They include guidance from naturalists in analyzing water quality data and discussing solutions to stormwater pollution.

Synthesis Lesson Video Series with Naturalist Alyssa – the same content divided into a series of short videos – uses water quality data from Soos Creek in Kent, WA


Naturalist Introductions: Interested in learning more about our incredible naturalists? Here are some short videos in which our naturalists tell a little bit about how and why they became scientists and educators, and talk about what a day at their job looks like!

Salmon in our Streams!: Here is a short video showing clips of salmon in our local streams. It is set to music called “The Watershed”, words and music by Shelley Segal and Dan Lombardo.


Additional Field Site Videos: Looking for more videos showing a salmon stream? We’ve included short clips of different streams to help enhance your students’ understanding of healthy salmon habitats.