Beach Heroes Resources

Welcome to the Virtual Beach Heroes Resource Page

Here you’ll find everything you need for a virtual Beach Heroes experience. If you have any questions about the materials, please contact our Programs Manager:

Downloadable PDF versions of the Kindergarden-1st grade student Field Journal:

Downloadable PDF versions of the 2nd-3rd grade student Field Journal:

Family Take-Home Flyers

We have created these flyers to help students share what they learned during our Beach Heroes field trips with their caregivers at home. These flyers also include information about best days to visit Seahurst Beach and explore a low tide outside of school.

Pre-recorded Lesson Videos

Introductory Lesson Video Series

A series of short videos that together share all of the content included in our Introductory Lesson (previously called the Classroom Lesson in past years). Featuring Naturalist Alyssa.

This poster is a useful graphic for students watching the videos on their own, or can be used by a teacher with their class. It has numbered links to each of the 6 videos: Beach Heroes – Introductory Lesson Poster

Introductory Lesson Graphic showing the four tidal zones

Videos de lección de introducción (en español)

Un cartel para la lección de introducción: Beach Heroes Introductory Lesson Poster – Spanish

Field Lesson Video Series

A series of short videos that together act as a virtual “field trip” with naturalists as they visit Seahurst Beach and meet the animals who live there; these are the same 12 key organisms introduced in the Introductory Lesson. It is recommended to start with Part 1: Introduction to Seahurst Beach, but the organism videos can be watched in any order.

This is a PDF poster for the Field Lesson video series: Beach Heroes Field Lesson Poster. It has links to all 13 videos, and is intended to be used either by a teacher with their class or by students working asynchronously. Both this poster and the videos it links to are in English.

Videos de salida de campo (en español)